Dear Friends,

We are hard at work gathering funds to give our first promising dancer wings. While funds have come in through some generous individuals we are not there yet. You know who you are and we are very grateful. In partnership with BackaBuddy, the trust has launched a crowd funding campaign to harness the power of individual philanthropy. We have set up an online fundraising page for the project here: This allows supporters to make affordable donations – as little as the price of a cup of coffee.

The only way a worthy candidate can be selected and provided with this amazing opportunity is through your support. We are calling on all dancers, all lovers of dance and all those who believe in the power of dance to make the world a more beautiful place to please make a contribution, no matter how modest, every little bit counts. Together we can offer a talented dancer a chance at an amazing future.

The dancer selected will not only have the opportunity to be trained through the CAPA tertiary programme but will also be provided with holistic support during the year including medical aid, flights, transport, clothing, mentorship, education, and accommodation. All donors will receive updates regarding the selection process and the progress of the dancer selected.

Please pass this on to those you know who may be interested in supporting this initiative and challenge them to match or beat your donation. In anticipation of your kind and generous attention.


The Adele Blank Free Flight Dance Trust

ps. Here is a message we received from one such aspiring dancer:

Hi my name is Colleen Sauls, 17years of age. I love dancing but never got professional training because my mother never had money to pay for lessons plus she was a single parent. I live in a rural settlement(a shack) some people would call it but I’m grateful to have a roof over my head. My mom past on about 3months ago and because of that I now live in belhar with my aunt during the week but go home weekends. I am currently at a Christian dance school called Parousia Christian Dance School…There they only teach us the basics. I want to take my dancing to the next level and want to inspire young girls to never stop dreaming. As someone wants told me “its never to late to start” I need professional training please help me out. I’ve heard about you guys alot who help unprivileged dancers. Please

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