26100_101473086555939_1087914_nA Tribute to our beloved Christopher Kindo

An apparition that became a physical being and much part of my life the day Chris Kindo walked into my studio in 1982.

Jazzart Dance Theatre were performing in JHB and one of the dancers who trained with me,Michelle Nelson, invited the company to attend class. Somehow,  everyone else seemed to vaporise and I just could not help but hone in on this gorgeous creature – I remember not being able to resist the velvet texture and the beautiful musculation of his body. Wondrous hands and arms and those feet! Not small by any means but so beautiful and articulate they seemed to tell a story of their own.

Totally trapped by his magnetism and his natural facility and presence, from that day on he influenced me in my approach to work and choreography. He played a very important part in my life and career We danced our friendship thro’ many en hauts and terre a terres! Mainly together and if not always supporting each other,

Initially guesting with FF and finally becoming my partner, choreographer, associate director, teacher and a truly inspirational great friend.

We roughed  it, we celebrated, we laughed, cried, cooked, crocheted, knitted and drove each other mad (I think I drove him insane) and went shopping for extoc food and items in all sorts of nooks and crannies from Germany ( a few times) via Switzerland to remote Indian Ocean Islands and of course ……. Yeoville! Humor, drama and excitement became our stamp and the certainty and the respect we had for each other was the cement that bound us.

He inspired not only me but all who came into contact with him with his wit, some brilliance, innovation  and bold experimentation with never before seen stylistic nuances. Many trends were set by him which were emulated by top choreographers of today. This streak of brilliance should have been recognized and he should have reaped far more accolades thro his life. This last is true and I hope that for the future genrations, especially the ones that come out of our Trust that they will study him as one of the pioneers and icons in SA Dance.

It is with this that I wish my Chris a beautiful life hereafter. I am sure that he is dancing with many of the greatest spirits of his predecessors! I know he knows that he has left a huge gap in mine, my immediate family and my extended family of dancers that shared his beautiful soul and talent.

You’ve done your 5678 and now….rest sweet Chris.Your spotlight will always shine bright!

Love always.


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