Welcome to Bottomside Studios

Hi, and welcome to Bottomside Studios. We are proud to say that since Bottomside started in 2004, we have grown from strength to strength. At first it was a one-man-band with limited knowledge. Now we are a proud team with all the knowledge needed to service the industry.

Producing large scale multicam DVDs and supplying support and technical for film and TV shoots, is what makes us tick. We have built up a nice supply of support equipment, technical specialties and rental stock, as well as sales suppliers that enable us to service most clients from a to z. With the recent upgrade of our flyaway OB kit, and the extension of our cabling and comms, we are ready to be even more valuable in the supply of service the video industry of Pretoria, Gauteng and South Africa.

Bottomside Studios is the ONE company that will do whatever, to make sure your production succeeds from the bottomside up! Fritz - Director